Combination of Experience and Professionalism by Nasoetion & Atyanto

A Combination of Experience and Professionalism with Nasoetion & Atyanto by Hukumonline

Hukumonline conducted research in 2018 related to transaction activities from the legal aspect of capital market activities (IPO). From this research, Nasoetion & Atyanto received the categories of “Top 12 Law Firms Based on the Number of IPO Transaction” and “Top 12 Law Firm based on Total IPO Transaction Fees”.

The establishment of Nasoetion & Atyanto could not be separated from the roles of these two people: Nadia Nasoetion and Genio Atyanto. Nasoetion & Atyanto (N&A) is known as an energetic and ambitious boutique law firm and has established a corporate law practice in Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. This “boutique law firm” was established in 2013 by the two founders with approximately 20 years of corporate law experience.

Having worked a long time in well-known and internationally affiliated law firm, both agreed to focus on areas that had become their respective expertise and specialties. As Managing Partner, Genio (Nino) specializes in the capital market, mergers, and acquisitions in both domestic and international transactions. Throughout his career, Nino is involved in transactions with initial public offerings, capital raising by public companies, securities issuance (public and limited offerings), and even transactions for international securities offerings carried out under Regulation S and Rule 144-A from the US Securities Act.

Regarding merger and acquisition transactions, Nino also succeeded in complex merger and acquisition transactions. These include several acquisitions and mergers transactions from banks, which are also listed companies. Today, Nino is increasingly trusted by clients in the financial technology sector to provide legal advice in operational and institutional contexts.

The other founder, Nadia Nasoetion, is an alumnus of the University of Indonesia and the London School of Economics, England. Nadia built her career as an advocate with more than 20 years of experience focusing on banking, project financing, and mergers and acquisitions. Nadia is engaged in various syndicated loan transactions, debt restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, project financing, corporate restructuring work, debts, and many major projects in Indonesia.

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