Rebranding Nasoetion & Atyanto to Genio Atyanto & Partners

Rebranding Nasoetion & Atyanto to Genio Atyanto & Partners

It does not change the services or values ​​of the law firm, but only limited to the firm’s name and logo. Rebranding Nasoetion & Atyanto to Genio Atyanto & Partners Changing a brand for the better without ignoring the original goal of establishing a law office has become a separate and common method in the world of law firms. For example, Nasoetion & Atyanto Law Office recently announced the rebranding of the firm to Genio Atyanto & Partners (GAP), effective March 20 2023.

The rebranding does not change the services or values ​​of the law firm. However, changes only occur in the name and logo. “Actually, it doesn’t change any of the services or practice areas that we provide. Even though the name is my own, we still provide the same practice area. What do I do all? “Of course not,” said GAP Managing Partner, Genio Atyanto, by telephone with Hukumonline, Thursday (10/8/2023).

At least, with the change in the name of the law office there will be qualified partners in various practice areas who will participate in GAP. Like Desi Dwitiasrini who just joined as a Partner at GAP on August 2 2023. The joining of Desi Dwitiasrini makes GAP even have 2 partners.

“So far, our office, before Desi, focused on borrowers. However, since Desi is here, we hope we can help from the lender’s side. We will try to continue to grow, looking for talent that is in line with our office mission. “So be open to partners in other fields,” he said.

Rebranding Nasoetion & Atyanto to Genio Atyanto & Partners

In this branding step, Genio emphasized that there will be no changes in the practice area because there will be other partners who will handle it. In this case, Desi has expertise in banking and finance which Genio does not have

Even though there were no significant changes in GAP, Genio plans to further intensify the banking and finance practice area in the future. Specifically targeting lenders, with the expertise that Desi has.

The law office located in Equity Tower SCBD has expertise in the fields of Capital Markets & Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate & Commercial, and Finance. This also includes Banking, Projects and a number of practice areas owned by Desi.

He hopes that by increasing the number of partners, GAP will be able to provide more complete legal services to its clients. At least, GAP can be much more developed. In this way, GAP’s internal personnel will be much more challenged with new types of work.

“So from the outside we can provide new services to clients, inside we also provide new challenges to existing talent,” he added.

You could say, with the presence of a new partner at GAP, GAP will not only provide new services to clients. But the presence of a new partner like Desi Dwitiasrini can be a morale booster and bring GAP’s internal law firm to handle various new and challenging jobs.

For your information, there are a number of other law firms that are also carrying out rebranding. Like Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren (HMM) is rebranding with the name Marieta Mauren (MM). Effective as of June 28 2023, MM is now led by 2 Founding Partners and 2 Partners, making it even have 4 partners with their respective expertise.

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