Multiple Voting Shares: New Feature for Listed Tech Companies

We are featured in APG Quarterly Brief on 30 May 2022, covering the topic of “Multiple Voting Shares: New Feature for Listed Tech Companies”. A collaboration with the ASEAN Plus Group (APG).

The development of technology has positively impacted Indonesia’s economic condition, and this has induced the emergence of tech start-up companies that create innovations with high productivity and growth.

The combination of innovations, markets and fundings has transformed such start-ups into companies with large capital and eventually into unicorns.

These unicorn companies, or so-called “new economy” companies, enable a vast opportunity for growth in the future, considering its immense space to improve their business.

With this condition, the Indonesian Financial Services Authority deems it necessary to utilise such development to also deepen the capital market sector in Indonesia through the involvement of the unicorn companies in the initial public offering  in the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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